Business Computer & IT Consulting Services

Web Design, E-Mail & Hosting Solutions

Multiple Computer Solutions, Inc. provides in design, e-mail and web hosting. We realize that most businesses rely heavily on e-mail for commerce and this is why we provide a reliable, secure and private Email hosting service to our customers.

Web Design

In addition to our Email and web hosting, we can provide web design and creation.

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We provide convenient e-mail services that can essentially take the place of your exchange server by providing shared calendars, synchronized outlook with phone and multiple computers even if not on the same network, as well as shared contacts and public folders for your employees to work from home. (Click here for residential Email or Click here for business Email.)

Domain Names

We can help you choose and register a domain name for your website. Please contact for additional information


We provide reliable web hosting services in which if you have any questions or problems with your web hosting, you don't need to talk to a foreign support rep. You talk to a local support technician every time.

We regard e-commerce as a top priority and respond to any questions or concerns related to your web hosting with expedited personal service.