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Daniel Multop

After getting his Masters degree in 2001, Daniel Multop made his work in the computer field official by canvassing Marion County with inexpensive computer work. MCS - Daniel Multop - Portland, Salem, and Metro Area Computer Service

Most of his customers were residential and small local businesses but soon Daniel found himself working for many of the small credit unions of Oregon. This enabled Daniel to learn and train in many additional areas of computer repair, computer security and server administration which provide his current residential, small business and credit union customers unique services that very few competitors in Oregon can offer.

Confidentially, Daniel Multop has served the greater Woodburn community for over 14 years. He is the most established computer services company in Woodburn and surrounding area. Because of his trustworthiness he currently is hired by Credit Unions, Accounting Firms, The Woodburn Chamber of Commerce, The Oregon Golf Association, and many more.

Additionally, Daniel is a Fortinet Technician and a Dell Computer Workstation and Server Technician and Re-Seller.