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Business Services - PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance is the security standard for businesses who receive credit card payments or process their payments over the Internet or store the payment information in an electronic format. PCI Compliance is a requirement for all businesses. If your merchant processor has not talked to you about PCI Compliance, act now and give us a call to help you make sure you are PCI compliant.

If you already work with your merchant processor for making sure you are PCI Compliant, we can still help you. Here are a few things we can do to assist you with your PCI Compliance:

  • Help you fill out annual PCI compliance questionnaire
  • Manage and maintain a PCI compliant firewall
  • Manage and maintain a PCI compliant network
  • Manage and maintain encryption protocols, procedures and technology

In addition to being PCI Compliant, you should also know that all businesses are required by law to uphold State and Federal Privacy Act Laws. Failing to safeguard your employees and/or customer’s confidential information is a criminal office. MCS can help protect you! Give us a call to schedule a free security consultation.

CS PCI business services for the Salem Metro area