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Terms and Agreements

Our 100% Guarantee

Multiple Computer Solutions, Inc. desires to make our customers satisfied with all computer and network services. To do this our customer must agree to the following terms of service.

By using Multiple Computer Solutions, Inc. services,
you agree to the following terms:

Hardware & Software Purchases - All hardware purchased through Multiple Computer Solutions, Inc. has a 10 day hardware warranty through Multiple Computer Solutions, Inc. After the 10 days you will have the warranty of the manufacturer of the equipment. In most cases this is a full year from the purchase date. To assist our customers, we provide some technical assistance anytime after your hardware purchase through Multiple Computer Solutions, Inc. We do not offer a warranty on software.

Hardware Repair - If we diagnose and repair hardware on your computer/laptop, we guarantee the diagnostic and repair will be completed as needed. Additionally we guarantee the diagnostic to be full and complete at the time the diagnostic was performed.

Software Repair - We guarantee that your software problem we claim to have fixed was fixed. We guarantee that the software repair work we performed was the solution to your reported problem as detailed on your invoice. We guarantee that your computer was fixed per the invoice details. If our solution did not fix your problem, you have 5 business from the date you received your computer from our shop or from the day we did the on site or instant support to inform us that the problem was not fixed. At that time we will either attempt to fix the problem again using the same techniques or we will credit you your money back for the previous repair work and then charge you for the alternative work. There may be additional charges to fix the problem.