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Residential Services - Email / Internet

Multiple Computer Solutions, Inc. provides the best of e-mail. We realize that most businesses rely heavily on e-mail for commerce and this is why we provide a reliable and secure Email hosting service to our customers.

We provide convenient e-mail services that can essentially take the place of your exchange server by providing shared calendars, synchronized outlook with phone and multiple computers even if not on the same network, as well as shared contacts and public folders for


Web content filtering is a very useful tool for keeping your children from viewing inappropriate material on the internet or to keep you from inadvertently browsing to web pages that contain malicious content such as virus' or malware.

Internet Troubleshooting

Are you experiencing internet issues ranging from slow internet connectivity to complete loss of connection? MCS can provide troubleshooting on both the physical and software sides to locate your issue and bring it to resolution.


Residential emails for the Willamette Valley Metro Area.