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Desktop & Laptop Computers
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The key to a long lasting trouble free repair is a thorough well done diagnostics. This is what separates us from most all our competitors. We spend the extra money in having regularly updated diagnostics equipment as well as we utilize a unique process for ensuring full and complete answer to why your computer is not running properly. With the diagnostics we provide a courtesy computer life expectancy analysis. Even though it passes our testing we want to give our customers an idea how much longer the computer will last. We base this analysis on quality of hardware, average life expectancy of their hardware as well as recorded health data of the hard drive. This helps prepare our customers for being proactive to their computer verse reactive.

Computer Maintenance

Is your computer running slowly? Is your computer crashing or are you getting frequent error messages? If so, our computer maintenance package will clean up your system and have it running smoothly and efficiently. We clean up the temporary files that can slow your system down and make sure your operating system is functioning correctly and that your system's drivers are up to date.

Components and Parts

We have many of the common replacement parts in stock so you can get your hardware replaced or upgraded quickly. If we do not have what you need currently in stock, we can typically provide it for you at competitive prices within 2 to 3 business days.

Software - Installs & Updates

Additionally, Daniel is a Fortinet Technician and a Dell Computer Workstation and Server Technician and Re-Seller.