Business Computer & IT Consulting Services

MCS - Security Services

Below are our most popular security services available. If you have a security need that is not listed here, please call and talk to us about it . . . We Can Help!

  • Compliance Verification
  • Security Audit & Assessments
  • Firewall Monitoring and Management
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Baseline Testing
  • Policy Reviewing and Consultation
  • Network Infrastructure Designed For Secure Computing
  • Anti-SPAM Filtering
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Review

The need for electronic security is growing astronomical. With well-known security breaches at Target, Home Depot and others, it is easy to feel like security is hopeless. We are here to tell you having a safe and secure network environment is obtainable. Our proof is in that we work with a full range of higher risk businesses that have utilized our IT management and security services for years with no malware infections for over 8 years.

These bigger customers spend a lot more money in security than you and me make in a year but that is because they have many open doors to their systems that they have to monitor and keep secured. Additionally, they have many more employees which is the most common way a hacker gets through the front door.

Here is little of what we offer for your security needs:

  • Guaranteed Approved Security Auditing for HIPAA, PCI DSS, NCUA, SEC and State/Federal Laws
  • Firewall Installation Management & Monitoring
  • Secure Email Filtering & Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Scanning on Internal and External Networks
  • Baseline Analysis
  • Policy Reviewing, Consultation and Writing
  • Secure Network Infrastructure, Design and Implementation
  • Disaster Recovery Response & Services
  • Virus Free Network Guarantee
  • Advanced Firewall Sales and Service